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班チョー大槻のグルメレース V.2

Difficulties Expert
4 1

Mapper: pass

ざわ… 班チョー大槻のグルメレース
Based on this meme video from 10 years ago:

From a legendary episode of the Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor 逆境無頼カイジ anime season 2. (Contain spoilers play it at your own risk).
Mapped with Chromapper using Noodle and Chroma lights.

My first map so it’s a NO COUNT !!!!

V2 : less notes, more dots and less colors change

Thanks to Kirin90 for playing and giving me feedback, also noi_jp ( who don’t know it but I saw the replay of the play-through and it also helped me). And thanks to molie198 for playing and cleared my bad map ^^.

Final version, still not perfect but the song/video is too epic to not be mapped.

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