Renegade Fruits (Right ♂ Version)

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Mapper: jKB

at some point i thought my maps were getting too easy, boring and repetitive.
so I’ve decided not to change anything and make a boring, repetetive 11.44NPS t+pazolite gachi map
and it still is fairly easy

I hope I didn’t accidentally misplace / have any major parity checks on any maps
If i did and thus the maps are bad it’s always possible to take more quality mapping and overwrite it with .ogg file (after checking map bpm, making the backup files and cropping audio file correctly)

feel free to improve / correct / add other difficulties to any given map
(implying one has time and knowledge of basic mapping)

lights generated by MMA2 built in Lightmap,
because bad, non human-made lightning (which can be turned off) is still better than no lightning

nico: https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm37194021
gachi, right version, ♂

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