[Modchart] Vanishing Point – acloudyskye

Difficulties Expert+
1301 11
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Mapper: nasafrasa

NOTICE: There is a lag spike in the middle due to my poor optimization skills, and I wont be able to fix it for a while. Also play the STANDARD difficulty, the lawless one was a guest diff by @totallyballoon

Alright I gotta admit I rushed it at the end so there are some rough edges, but I just wanna get this out there before Heliov lmao. Anyways enjoy my first collaboration with people! (I still did all the visuals though)

made in one week

Charting by @rjb_ and @totallyballoon


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Pattern Quality0
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Comments (2)
  1. DBerry2 says:

    Man this Map is amazing! thanks for making it

  2. Gogo_1_2 says:

    Awesome map!

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