Fermion – Makou (DJMAX)

Difficulties Expert+
9 0
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Mapper: Remie

Sixty-Fifth Upload!

This is one of my favorite songs from DJ Max Technika that is still up to this day, hard to S rank on in a cab (Wherever you can find one.)

How hard you are asking?

HD Difficulty is a 10, the video is no joke (Only those who’ve played Technika will understand) One of many songs from DJ Max Technika that are bangers, and I decided to map it with a special guest, Mystikmol!

My Half: 0:00 – 0:53
Mystikmol’s Half 0:53- 1:43

I would like to say that we tried to capture the patterns from Technika with our own spice (Compare it to the video to see what I’m talking about), but I’ll leave it up to you guys to see if you can pass it. (; Thanks again Mystikmol for collabing with me on this!

Feedback is always welcome!

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