Hayakano 1.2. Dance 1.4. Tech Anime Electronic


Difficulties Expert+
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Mapper: Hayakano

WARNING: A bit techy. Careful when swinging!

Took me a while to fix it because I was away but finally got a chance to do it.
A fixed version of the first one. I didn’t test that map properly, sorry won’t happen again.


Original song:

First(ish) map on my second account!

Girl’s Frontline / Doll’s Frontline ED

Lighting was autogenerated.

This account is for “finished” maps that are not manually lightmapped by me (auto lightmap) or are alternate versions of maps that I am working on. This is intended to make getting songs I like mapped and published faster than normal. Some songs will get full development and a link will be added to the description if and when they are available.

For more “complete” maps go to my main account: https://beatsaver.com/profile/4264703

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