LOONA – Playback (V1 compatible)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
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Mapper: Verociity

Reupload of my last map in V1 for older versions and Quest players as I was getting requests, I didn’t realise V3 didn’t work at all on older versions. Removed arcs and changed chains to dot notes, chains don’t have any haptics so these are more satisfying anyway.

Playback is my favourite song on the album but to be honest I didn’t really like this comeback which is a first for me. This was supposed to be a quick map but it ended up taking me 3+ weeks, it’s a simple song with a repetitive beat so I made the patterns more complex than usual, but I included an expert difficulty as even for me expert+ was quite hard. I took the lessons learned from my last map illusion but it still took a lot of tweaking, chains are much tighter this time round. The video below is more difficult than the final version.

Kwangya platform by aggrogahu should download in game with the map. If you restart or replay the map the platform will disappear, it can be fixed by changing the rendering scale up/down in the graphics settings and saving, it’s been a persistent bug the last few versions and that’s the only fix I can find.

No chroma lights with V3 so I decided to use boost lights for the first time, all manual lighting except for the rap part which is lit with lolighter which I’ll never use again as it’s too distracting most of the time.


Discord: Verociity#6543
Socials: https://linktr.ee/verociity

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