Virtual Riot – Pray For Riddim VIP

Difficulties Expert Expert+
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Mapper: timeweaver

This map is apart of the Virtual Riot Map Pack, created by SyndicateVR, with help from a bunch of other talented mappers!
Grab the playlist from Beatsaver:
Grab the playlist from BeastSaber:

Always had this song in the back of my mind to map ever since i envisioned the final drop patterns in my head. This song is a certified VR jammer (get it…?).
Coda decided to help out with this song and make a banger Chroma lightshow for this map, so go and give him some love by clicking his @ below!

Map made by @Timeweaver
Lights made by @RealCoda
Difficulties Included:
– Standard (Expert+, Expert)
Tested by Myself, SyndicateVR, and RealCoda!

Chroma is recommended for the best experience.

Check out more of my maps here:
Contact me on Discord: Timeweaver#1094

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