The Only Thing I Know For Real (from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance) [Ranked]

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1359 67
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Mapper: Timbo


Download Raiden Avatar and HF Blade Sabers:

Thanks to RocKz for the mod!

Hi Kaey

Memories: Broken
Truth: Goes unspoken
Name: Forgotten
Don’t know: The season or what is the reason
I’m standing here: Holding my blade
A Desolate place: Without any trace
Things i feel: Only the cold wind
Things that i spite as i stand up and fight: Me
The only thing i know for real: There will be bloodshed
The man in the mirror: Nods his head
The only one left: Will ride upon the dragons back
The mountains: Don’t give back what they take
There will be: Bloodshed, It’s the only thing i’ve ever known
Losing: My identity
Wondering: Have i gone insane
To find the truth infront of me: I must climb this mountain range
Looking: Downwards from this deadly height
Never realizing: Why i fight

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