HiromiR 1.4. Tech Vocaloid

The Kairiki Bear MIX

Difficulties Expert+
53 4
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Mapper: HiromiR

This work was completed at the Mapping Relay event.
A total of 11 Japanese mappers participated.
Thank you for joining us!
The result was a high tech map with a great individuality!
You probably think that is double directional, but actually it is 180 degree twist.

1 Venom(ベノム) @BigSlick
2 Ruma(ルマ) @HiromiR
3 Logica(ロジカ) @Emir
4 Scattered Heart(バラバラココロ ) @Ge2toro
5 Darling Dance(ダーリンダンス) @Gabriel
6 Heart Nonsense(ココロナンセンス) @aruru
7 Alkali Underachiever(アルカリレットウセイ) @mux
8 Mao(マオ) @marsh_era
9 Telesto Teles(テレストテレス) @marsh_era
10 People Allergy(ヒトサマアレルギー) @Yaomin
11 Ángel(アンヘル) @okazu
12 Minus Label(マイナスレッテル) @okazu
13 Neroism(ネロイズム) @HiromiR
14 Iya Girl(イヤガール) @Yaomin
15 Mental Chainsaw(メンタルチェンソー) @take_nyan
16 Underachieving Lover(アイ情劣等生) @mux
17 Unhappy Birthday(アンハッピーバースデイ) @Gabriel
18 Failure Girl(失敗作少女remix) @Ge2toro
19 Lemming Ming(レミングミング) @Emir
20 Electrostatic Human(セイデンキニンゲン) @take_nyan

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