1.1. Balanced Dubstep Electronic

Seven Lions, Wooli & Amidy – Shadows

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
372 5
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Mapper: Ash_Darkfire

Chroma Lightshow done by jafdy –

Man, This map has sat in WIP Hell for way too long.
Got hit with 9 months of umming and ahing with trying to polish and remap segments wanting to wait to play with the 1.20+ note types (which i never got around to in this one), followed by a mapping hiatus but finally just wanted to get it out there.
Chart originally started out with an idea of trying a 1/8 vibro/stream during the 2nd Drop but ended up discarding that idea lul

Thanks to playtesters: Jerk, Bullet, KanaMau, Alice, stickypaw & TheBlackParrot

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  1. Doorbellco says:

    I appreciate your work on this map. It’s fantastic.

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