[Ranked] SG Lewis – One More (feat. Nile Rodgers) [Chroma]

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Mapper: daftmaple

Expert+ Preview:

No way, non-microwave music as ranked map!

Fullspread beatmap of a disco masterpiece by SG Lewis, featuring the legendary disco guitarist from Chic, Nile Rodgers. This is the fourth map that I’ve been talking about since the release of Flight Facilities “Stay”. I started this back in February, right after Sugar (I think I’ve spent 40% of my mapping hours on just this map at this point). It has Chroma lights; It might not be the best map out there but I put my heart working on this, just because I love and appreciate this song so much.

I want to thank @Alice (https://beatsaver.com/profile/4234633) for all the help she’s given for me to make this map happen in the first place. I don’t know how much I owe her, not only for newbie queue RT modding, but also giving me guidance throughout the entire journey of mapping this song (yes, from February).

Also thanks to Catse, Tastum, @namaki_mono, and @Calvinisacat for playtesting throughout iterations of the map.

If you’re curious why would you have a friend in a bathroom stall, just ask me on:
https://twitch.tv/daftmaple, or

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