Sealed Vessel + Radiance (Hollow Knight)

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: MariofanLIVE

This song is a 3 in one. Sealed Vessel, Hornet saying git gud, and Radiance. This is a slower beat saber map with every difficulty. There are 2 main references to the actual boss fights in this map. (spoiler warning) The first reference is how Hornet says git gud right before you move onto the Radiance song, just like how Hornet does that same thing as she stabs the hollow knight so the knight can dream nail him to move onto Radiance. The 2nd reference is how in the Radiance section for each visible block there are 2 identical blocks so if you miss one you take twice the amount of damage, just like how radiance does double damage (end of spoilers).

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  1. Mark says:

    Scientifically designed to not be fun in Beat Saber. Two slow notes in the same direction just feels like the opposite of what makes this game fun, and it certainly isn’t interesting or creative. I’d say everything put in after that is a waste of effort, but the rest of the song isn’t really well done either. Like the double crossing blocks in that one section that seem designed to hit your controllers into each other? I don’t even feel a little bad saying that this is garbage because it seems like that’s what you were going for. If you do another map avoid doing those things like the plague because it only serves to piss people off and make it obvious you don’t have any real ideas for higher difficulties.

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