Creo – Shine

Difficulties Expert+
18 1
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Mapper: fentonthecux

I’ve been sitting on an 1yo version of this map for time and finally decided to get it re-mapped! This song is also unbelievable, Creo is just a musical genius. Yet again adding to the repertoire of Creo bangers in Beat Saber 🙂

Midspeed acc again, maybe 6* this time at 4.92nps. My sincere apologies for the kinda hot start. 8hrs of mapping time but I did re-map the entire thing lmao

Thanks again to Mana, Astra, and CrystalSirens for playtesting 🙂

If you have any Creo songs you want mapped or feedback of any kind, FentonVR#0420 on discord.

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