Halsey – You Should Be Sad

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Mapper: CMP1111

This level has two difficulties, with lights and cool colors to better fit the song and its emotions. You deserve to be sad.

But actually, you don’t deserve to be sad. You shouldn’t be sad, you should be happy. You deserve to be more than half the man you think that you are. You can fill the hole inside you, just maybe not with money, cars, or women. Don’t be a broken man. Most importantly of all, *don’t have babies. There’s a small chance you won’t love your baby, and you’ll neglect it like you neglect your bills. Don’t do it, man, children are little demons. Will you love your demon? I don’t even love my own demon.* But hey, maybe your demon will love you. Look, I say this because you shouldn’t be sad.

What was I trying to say in writing this? I’m confused.

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