Roll to Me – Del Amitri

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Mapper: swukpuff

When I first introduced my mom to Beat Saber and asked what song she would want to play, this was the first one she mentioned. At that time, no one had made a map of it at her difficulty level, so we just picked some other songs. But I always thought it’d be kind of cool if she COULD play one of her favorite songs in this game, so here we are! Roll to Me, Easy difficulty (don’t worry, this spread goes up to Expert+ as well, in case your mom is more experienced than mine).

This song has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, so mapping it felt very nostalgic. Whether you feel nostalgia or not, I hope you enjoy moving to this song!

Very grateful for the helpful feedback from playtesters:
@tetsubeats –
@monstor –
Mom ❤️

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