[R] [UnAlive Pack] Mori Calliope – Scuffed Up Age (Chroma)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
333 30
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Mapper: CookedChili

Reupload 1 (7/13/22) – fixed for ranking queue
Reupload 2 (10/20/22) – vb and timing fixes (thanks for the help @Alice!)
Ranked on ScoreSaber (12/23/22)
Ranked on BeatLeader (02/10/23)

Full version of Scuffed Up Age by Mori Calliope and part of the UnAlive Song Pack. Eternity (Expert+), Expert and Lightshow difficulties only.

First chroma lightshow for a jammer song, special thanks to @Specture7 and @Dailyy for the public mods, and @Irish for the amazing RT mod!

Feedback welcome: CookedChili#7600

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