Koisuru Beam – cillia feat. Kagamine Rin

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Mapper: swukpuff

I’ve listened to very few vocaloid producers who have tuned in quite the satisfying way cillia can. Not only is she a fantastic vocaloid producer, but she’s an incredibly skilled live2D artist as well. Very easy to feel inspired by people like her, she seems to just pursue anything that catches her interest, and then she’s awesome at it! This song gets stuck in my head quite regularly, and I can’t stop thinking about circles 😵‍💫

Lawless difficulties were me adding arcs kind of all over the place -they’re just for fun in this map, I didn’t design it with them in mind or anything. Ex+ Lawless has an older version of the map anyway, I just didn’t want to revise both versions when some important changes were suggested to me.

HUGE thanks to playtesters:
tetsubeats – https://beatsaver.com/profile/4321171
Undeceiver – https://beatsaver.com/profile/4333811

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