Camellia – finorza (feat. Nanahira)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
30 11

Mapper: GalaxyMaster

now updated with major changes from QAT work, as well as a new One Saber diff
over 150 hours now put into this map, and I’m not done yet
going for rank part 2

**Standard | Ex+ |** latest version with significant reworks from the original, going for rank on scoresaber
SS star estimate: 12.0

**Standard | Ex |** downmap, also going for rank
SS star estimate: 9.5

**One Saber | Ex+ |** very techy, very hard, very fun, possibly for rank on beatleader
BL star estimate: 13.5

**Lawless | Ex+ |** the original map as it was first released, for all to enjoy

inspired by the old ranked map ( #b9ac )

all feedback welcome

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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