Hello, Morning – Nor ft. Kizuna AI

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
1450 85
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Mapper: Kolezan

Update 15/12 2018: New game update released on the same day made the note crawl speed too fast compared to what I’d like it to be for the song, so I’m forced to update the Expert difficulty for this map and thus all scores will be reset for Expert. Sorry guys, but this is what happens when we play an early access game. 🙁

KizunaAI tried Beat Saber and played a map of her own song (

), but clearly that map was too difficult for her, so seeing her so defeated and pleading my heart couldn’t stand it and I had to do something!

So I made this map! Here’s my take on KizunaAI’s single Hello, Morning (produced by Nor), with four difficulties, Easy through Expert!

Preview video:

BPM: 160
Duration: 3:08
Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert difficulties.

Easy: 213, 0 obstacles, 0 mines
Normal: 330 notes, 0 obstacles, 0 mines
Hard: 552 notes, 0 obstacles, 0 mines
Expert: 708 notes, 0 obstacles, 0 mines

Thanks to AaltopahWi and ManDynasty for playtesting!

Audio edits: extended intro (with birds!) and song shortened somewhat to make it less repeating.
Bird sound recording by acclivity (https://freesound.org/s/33408/) used under non-commercial CC license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/
A no intro audio version is provided in the ZIP for commercial uses.


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