[Arcs] Pokémon Black & White – Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

Difficulties Easy Expert Expert+
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Mapper: Lekr

PART OF MY POKÉMON BLACK & WHITE PLAYLIST: https://beatsaver.com/playlists/5629

The music for when you’re trying to connect your DS to the internet but you don’t know how Wi-Fi works.

Expert+ has arcs, so Beat Saber v1.20 or higher is required to play it. Expert has the same mapping as Expert+ but without the arcs, so it’s playable on any version. The Easy difficulty doesn’t have any arcs and is supported on all versions of the game.

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is a song from the Pokémon Black & White (2) OST, composed by Go Ichinose and Hitomi Sato.

Mapped and lit by me!

I orginally uploaded this on my main account @lekrkoekj but it wasn’t gonna get curated, which I totally understand, but I wanna keep my curation streak on there going.

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