[Stacks] Hudson Lee & False Noise – Soul Arcs (Samuel Marquis Rework)

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Stacks is an event based off the game telephone where four mappers unknowingly pair up to map 1-minute portions of four different maps mixing all sorts of mapping styles together. If I continue to describe this event then this description will be extra long so I’m just going to drop the contributors down below with timestamps of who mapped what.

Mapper | Timeframe (x:xx – x:xx)

Spinny | 0:00 – 1:14
Anti | 1:14 – 2:14
Cat Using a Toaster | 2:14 – 3:14
GalaxyMaster | 3:14 – 4:14

Please check out all the maps from the other mappers involved in team six (шоста командаr) if you can! ^^

Also GalaxyMaster’s part at the end, tech moment of the year.

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