Halo: CEA – Cloaked in Blackness (2023 V3 update)

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Mapper: Sp234

Map update as of 27/5/2023

In addition to the V3 adaptation that has occured earlier this years, a few tweaks have been made to the Arcs and general mapping across all difficulties.
In addiiton, NJS has been toned down across all difficulties to fit the ranking criteria of Beat Leader.

I would like to thank @lackwiz @loloppe and the Beat Leader ranking team for providing the necessary feedback based on the ranking criteria ! 🙂

Amoung the changes were :

1) Improved mapping for and angles for all difficulties based on feedback.
2) Got rid of a few weird angles and bad chains / miss-angled arcs.
3) NJS change – From 17, 15 , 13 , 11 ,10 to 15.5 , 14 , 12.5 , 11 , 9.5

I wish to offer my apologies once more to those of you who played the map in the past and have been stripped of your scores….
Hopefully, this new change will not only help in setting better scores, but will ensure the maps rankability in the coming times on BL !

I would like to thank Javierattor for once more providing a second gameplay preview !
Standard – Expert +


At long last, after many months of work and careful crafting, I am happy to present you all with this map !
Cloaked in Blackness, the Anniversary Edition of the original Under Cover Of Night soundtrack from the Halo franchise !

Originall composer by **Martin O’donnell** and **Michael Salvatori**, the new anniversary style was adapted by various artists such as **Paul Lipson**.

I would like to humbly thank all those involved in this project :
@Cyrix, @monstor, @Kaltern-Is-It, Ori Jinn, @ramenator05, Ringman 55 for testing the map and helping me release it today !

This map includes **8 difficulties** !

Standard mode – Full spread !
Labeled – Easy, Normal, Heroic, Legendary, Master Chief

One saber – Easy, Hard, Expert +
Labeled – Night Patrol , The Truth and Reconciliation , Two Betrayals – Final Run

Also, this map features a Chroma lightshow + alternating note colors on One Saber ! so be sure to have it enabled for a maximum amount of effects and emphasis !

Initially made for the representation of a video showcasing – by the care of Ori Jinn !
If your an Ori and the Blind forest/Will of the Wisps fan, go check out his channel ! 😀

(Take note ! these previews below are outdated and not fully represent the map any longer)

Ori Jinn – Alternating Third person camara, Standard Expert +

Javierattor – Third person Standard Expert +

CaptainMeme – First Person Single Saber Expert + with Halo energy sword! 😀

Hope you enjoy ! 😀

With the Release of Halo 2 – Pursuit of Truth & Charity’s Irony , I have totally revamped the maps lore and connected it with the map, feel free to redive in ! 😀

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