[Stacks] dunkelbunt – Cinnamon Girl

Difficulties Expert+
121 5
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Mapper: Nixie.Korten

This map is part of the Stacks event from the BS Mapping Discord server, hosted by Pan Salsa.
It’s reminiscent of the game telephone, as in you map a part of the song and give it to the next person.

The parts are as follows:
0:00-0:55 – Me
0:55-1:55 – @emotionalflight
1:55-2:55 – @Orius
2:55-3:55 – @ramenator05

Thank you for joining me on this map ^^

While waiting for the event, I spent the time finishing my map, so I moved the Stacks difficulty to Lawless, and mine is the Expert+ in the Standard category, I hope you will enjoy both c:
Preview for Standard diff:

More Maps: https://beatsaver.com/profile/4286374
Discord: Nixie.Korten#6944
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nixie.korten/

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