[Stacks] ILLENIUM, Annika Wells – Crawl Outta Love

Difficulties Expert+
13 7

Mapper: OneSpookyBoi

Part of the Stacks event:https://sites.google.com/view/bsm-stacks/home

Stacks was an event where each participant was granted one minute of a map without knowing who exactly they were working with! Expect sudden changes in mapping styles as the song progresses. Mapped by each minute in the following order:
1) OneSpookyBoi (0:00 – 1:01)
2) ZikkityZakOTA (1:02 – 2:01)
3) Jabob (2:02 – 3:01)
4)lobsterrrrrrrrrr (3:02 – 4:02)

Have fun!

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