Kep1er – Pool Party (Rollin’ Right Now)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
71 2
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Mapper: eurnkung

Their cover of Brave Girls’ in the second round of Queendom 2. I’m pretty much in love with it these times <3

Chroma is suggested for the greatest quality of lighting!

My Expert+ Gameplay

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Comments (1)
  1. masop says:

    I always enjoy playing with your map.
    Thank you for creating a fun map.

    If you select the “Pool Party – Kep1er (256c7)” Map, you will not be able to play it.

    I can play other maps of yours, but I can’t play only Pool Party, so can I upload the file again?

    I love this song so please.

    Please continue to do your best to create maps.
    I always look forward to your map.

    *I can’t speak & write English, so I use Google Translate.

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