3.14 (TT mix) [yumether] (2022 fix)

Difficulties Easy
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Mapper: Dennileon1

Funny jumpmap with funky patterns i mapped 2 years ago

Decided to go back to the mapper to Fix the misstimings in 2 sections/changing them up completely and changed another section slightly! (Pog!)
Also changed the songcreator name from ruze to luze idk i noticed i had the wrong name in there all the time yeah… (CRINGE!)
Didnt feel like killing the old leaderboard so i upload this as a new fixed version im sorry (im not sorry lol)

also cool new system:

Are you sure?

This will make your map visible to everyone

You should only publish maps that are completed, if you just want to test your map check out the guides here:

You should also consider getting your map playtested by other mappers for feedback first (Edit: LMFAO)

Uploading new versions later will cause leaderboards for your map to be reset (Edit: cringe)

Release immediately

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