TheFatRat – Origin [NE]

Difficulties Expert
332 9
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Mapper: wobbleorange

Enjoy a medieval village and song while the trees spawn notes, the sky rains arrows, and you are joined by a dancing spider.

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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  1. Kurosenjo says:

    May not work on oculus quest 2

    Got this one recently. I don’t know about other VR headsets, but for me, it doesn’t seem to work. There’s a white box across the screen that, even adjusting the settings, I cannot get rid of. It blocks sight of the notes until they’re right atop of you. If anyone has advice for how to make this playable, I’d appreciate it, as I love the song and it’s the only version. I’m aware it may have broken due to updates or simply may not work on my device, and if that’s the case, I don’t mind hearing that either. As it stands though, it’s unplayable for me on quest 2.

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