VGR – GameCube Intro (EDM Remix)

Difficulties Expert+
36 7
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Mapper: A Jhintleman

Slight update to fix some scuff. Should be a bit more predictable and playable now, very minor changes over all though.

The GameCube was my childhood. Playing Sonic Adventure 2 was my lifeblood back then. Seeing this remix, although an April Fools joke, made me very happy. Here’s to all the boomers like me out there!

Just had a fun little gimmick in mind so I mapped this in like 1 hour 45 minutes lol.
Not nearly as hard as my recent uploads, so a nice break for you less spicy tech players…sort of. (I take this back, it’s harder than I thought, but still probably easier lol)

Testplayed by Goji and Kansas

Have fun 🙂

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