ugecko 1.1. Balanced Dance Electronic

Daze – AcloudySkye

Difficulties Hard
34 1
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Mapper: ugecko

This is a song by acloudyskye – Daze. ( true )
It took me around a day to make, I finally found some courage and motivation to make a map, after almost a year of using beat saber map editors. ( Im not unfibbing )

It’s not perfect, as this is a map I’m actually releasing, and this is technically my first map (Republished/fixed shitty parts)

I tried to light it up, not too much, but enough to get the player to enjoy the map ( Im cappin )
I’m a horrible mapper, so please don’t roast me too much lol ( im unfibbing )

If you want to give me some constructive criticism, go at it in discord DMS: UG-Ecko#5794 ( please do )

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