[Fitbeat] Yellow Claw – Like a Pro

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
204 13
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Mapper: irahi

WARNING: Squats ahead! Technical swings ahead! Technical swings while squatting ahead!

Get ready to move like a pro.

In the Expert plus map, you can expect to see many squats, dodge walls, 135 degree doubles, and giant chunky technical swings.

The Expert map has a very high number of dodges and squats, but lower difficulty swings. Hard takes another step down in technical difficulty.

This is a part of the Six Pack Map Pack, a giant collection of fitness maps to groove with. https://bsaber.com/six-pack-map-pack/

Lights and the Expert map by the incomparable Scarladore. https://beatsaver.com/profile/4284798

Expert+ playthrough:

Expert playthrough:

Special thanks to the people who spent their time testing this map, Scarladore, Aylusarn, and Kansas (https://beatsaver.com/profile/11586)

Please send any feedback to me on Discord – Irahi#9072

Map stats:
Pro – 41 squats (14.3/minute) – 5.2 NPS
Expert – 30 squats (10/minute) – 4.2 NPS
Hard – 25 squats (8.5/minute) – 3.3 NPS

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