SilentCaay J-Pop

Gokuraku Joudo (Choreography Version) by GARNiDELiA

Difficulties Expert
53 25

Mapper: SilentCaay

Read description/watch video before attempting.

Expert (558 notes, 4 obstacles)
Full event lighting (added after recording)
Time – 3:37
BPM – 132

Expert Preview –

Official Music Video –

This is just a fun beatmap intended to reproduce the choreography of the official music video for this song. It might be awkward to play if you aren’t aware of that. There are some blocks that are intended to be hit slowly and some that are occluded due to motions being a higher priority than typical good map design. This is the only version of the map currently available. I was considering making a more normal map as well but there didn’t seem to be any interest in this song so I cut production short and left it at this version.

This map also predates my previous upload so it’s technically my first complete map.

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