[Alphabeat Remaster – OST 3] Slippy – Immortal

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Mapper: timeweaver

Part of the Alphabeat Remaster – OST 3 Pack | Presented by the Alphabeat Mapping Group.
Get the playlist here: https://beatsaver.com/playlists/5201

This pack was made to celebrate the 4th year anniversary of Beat Saber!
Alphabeat takes the mantle from Ramen Noodle, and continues the OST Remaster legacy. Featuring recreations of the OST 3 maps from 6 members of the team, with 5 difficulties for all skill levels – and full vanilla lightshows!

I have always wanted to remaster this map ever since i got better at mapping. I love the song, but the official map is not one i’m fond of. So what better opportunity to do it justice with the 4th year anniversary! I hope you guys enjoy what the team and i have cooked up here.

Check out all the mappers and lighters for this pack:

Map made by @Timeweaver
Lights made by @Timeweaver and @pixelguymm – with a little help from @AkaBaka
Tested by DeeDee, Pixelguy, Lethrial, Firestrike, Bytrius & Fatalution!

Check out more of my maps here: https://beatsaver.com/profile/4284197
DM me on Discord if you want me to make a map for you: Timeweaver#1094

Subscribe to my Youtube Channel if you would like: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPkpqc9-XnKrDredAvxGwHQ

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