t+pazolite – Tales of Hardstyle

Difficulties Expert+
8 1

Mapper: A-PlouVR

“collab” with Slayx, even tho at first it was only slayx who was doing the map then I just continue it and sometimes he jump back into for 2 other part…..

I tried to continued to put the maximum of Bomb Reset for the map pool “Bomber Reset” on hitbloq.

0 to 1m27 slayx
1m27 to 2m13 me
2m13 to 2m36 slayx
2m36 to 3m17 me
3m17 to 3m23 slayx
3m23 to end me

Good luck!

Contact: A-Plou#0827
Slayx is just slayx

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Level Quality0
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