dnq 1.1. Balanced Metal Rock

Halestorm – I Miss the Misery

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Mapper: dnq

Here’s the thing- the end of Mz. Hyde, which I mapped recently, leads directly into the beginning of this song.
It’s such a good transition that I have a hard time listening to one without the other.
Also, I realized that the album these songs came from was released in April 2012.
Good timing on the 10 year anniversary, so I did this one as well.

Hope y’all have fun with it, and thanks to everyone who testplayed and helped out with lights!

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  1. KitiaVicious says:

    Hello! I really enjoyed your map, and I was really grateful for the lower levels since I’m babying injuries back into shape. I made a mixed-reality video of me playing on easy to show my appreciation ^_^


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