Mapper: wangyufy

This is my 20th map,but also my 1st map.
10 months ago I first uploaded my first map on beatsaver,then the second,third……
so absolutely this map(or this song)have a special meaning to me.
what’s more,I also wanna spread this wonderful song to more people,at the moment when the epidemic is raging.

Really hope you can enjoy this map(it might be too difficult):D

maybe next time I’ll add hard difficulty in this map.
2022/4/24 :hard added

2023/2/6 :ex[chroma] added

2023/2/18: chroma covered all difs
ex+ and ex switched

Finally,I make a chroma map for this song which I’ve been itching for a long time.Maybe only few people could read these words and play the map,but I won’t reupload it as v3,since I think this should be a precious memory instead of just an ordinary map.
So,if you get this map,really hope you can enjoy it–2023/2/6

my vedio:

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