ReeK – Weeaboo Spookfest II – Necro-Degeneracy

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
155 84

Mapper: gBitz

Thank you abcbadq (NAT on Scoresaber) for giving me an informal mod of this back in January. You are truly an inspiration and an idol.

Jabob star estimate: 11.31

Thank you Irish for student mod and playability feedback.
Thanks Shrado for RT mod <3
Thank you Jabob, Daan & Denyah for giving feedback to help me improve the map.

Chroma lights by Luck
Ex+ done by me
Lawless diffs originally went for rank, but not anymore. Check out all of them, @Joshabi and @Aquaflee0 are awesome mappers.

Skinnyjeens x Asuha

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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