Drexciya – Digital Tsunami

Difficulties Expert+
1 1

Mapper: Undeceiver

[Note] I will be updating this map at some point in the mid future. While the map is still fun to play, it has important issues that I now understand better, but I still love the song, so I will remap and repost the map for this song. Feel free to play this map meanwhile, but please keep in mind my newer maps have higher quality.

A bit of an experimental map for a bit of an experimental song. Aim is for it to be 1. Very dancey. 2. Immersive. The song is extremely repetitive so I focused on every small bit of variation and setup to try to make the map less monotonous.

Feel free to reach out to me (Undeceiver#3265) on Discord for commends, suggestions, requests, complaints, and preferably not threats.

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