ForsenCDPogU 1.1. Balanced Dubstep

[Chroma] Jiqui – Dark Matter

Difficulties Expert+
25 1
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Mapper: ForsenCDPogU

I originally wanted to upload all the chroma maps at once, but decided against it for a few reasons. I’ll upload this one for now, and the rest over the coming weeks.

This map M I G H T be full of handclaps depending on your controllers and the way you play, so be careful. I use a quest 2 and was fine with the claw grip. Nevertheless, It was hard to get the lights I wanted but, ehh, its at least alright in my opinion.

In case you want to contact me for any reason at all, (im_a_trash_Mcree#7322)

BIG NOTE: I noticed some people not being able to see a certain light type, so if you see empty space thats why, it’s a bug.

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