Tobu – Candyland [NE]

Difficulties Expert Expert+
121 4
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Mapper: wobbleorange

E+ is with round bonbon notes, same mapping

The main reason I made this was I wanted to make a script that converts notes to tesla tower movment, instead of trying to use laser speed.

Chorus is a bit repetitive, I hope the mapping isn’t 🙂

Note, noodle/chroma 1.21 currrenly has some bugs,
– two of the lightnings are missing.
– final score will show an E ranking even if you SS, however actual score is unaffected
(these should both be ok if you’re using 1.19)

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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  1. -FroGGen- says:

    I dont have the play button in game for some reason, cant play it 🙁

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