TraBelna (Let’s Nyance) [Monster Hunter Generations Soundtrack] – Reina Ueda

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
52 3
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Mapper: swukpuff

Monster Hunter has always been a series that is lighthearted at its core, and being treated to this song in Generations was both surprising and perfectly fitting. Monster Hunter is also uh, known for um, being… you know, just a little obtuse for beginners, I think it’s great once you’re used to it, but it can come off as a little demanding if you’re getting started. I’m sorry if this map has inherited this quality, I know my lower difficulties in this spread are probably a tiny bit much. Hopefully I also managed to capture a little of the satisfaction that comes from mastery that MonHun is so good at!

Special thanks to tetsubeats and ramenator05 for testing this for me!

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