Rezz, Shadow Cliq – Out Of My Head

Difficulties Expert Expert+
64 2
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Mapper: Soundwave39

And we are back! Sorry for the lack of maps. After DITR, I decided to take a break. BUT I HAVE SOME EXCITING STUFF IN THE WORKS!

As for this map, this is MY FIRST CHROMA MAP EVER. It was so much fun designing this and I am SO EXCITED to learn more about the Chroma system. Whilst it may not be the greatest map in the world, I’m very proud of it. Hope you enjoy it! If you have feedback, please DM me on discord! @Soundwave39#1593/

Full song credit goes to Rezz and Shadow Cliq

Rezz socials:

Shadow Cliq socials:

If you’re still reading this, I’ve got 2 collabs in the works with some pretty big mappers so keep an eye on that 0.0

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