Hard Headed – Twikipedia

Difficulties Expert+
5 1

Mapper: dahdumbguy

holy shit im finally done with this map
I swear this map is a curse that I just could never fucking finish. there was always something to tweak or something that seemed slightly off. this probably wont be the last reupload but it sure as hell should be. at this point its just me wanting this map to be perfect in every way because im damn sure this map is as close to perfect as I can get with this style.

I really really like mapping songs with this style. I also fucking love this song lmao
expect more twikipedia maps and expect more tech maps like this!

V2 potential here I had some really cool patterns that I got rid of just for the sake of a consistent difficulty that I might want to add back in in the future!

reup: fixed reset. finding resets in maps like these is painful dudeeeee especially without any playtesters lol

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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