What Does JDoubleL Stand For?

Difficulties Expert+
1 1

Mapper: manofterror

a map for a friend based off his best passes/accomplishments – sorry for misspells

referenced off of – (no copy and paste) – every note in this map is from within the map – probably will get deleted but im not sure if this counts as stealing – you can consider every part of this map like a v2 of whatever its referenced off of i guess.

Troopers of the Stars – Referenced off of criminalcannolis map !bsr aaa0
Maniera – Referenced off of BananenTropfens map !bsr 7e80
Toromi Hearts – referenced off of wh4t’s map !bsr 7903
Kemumaki Underground – referenced off of dennelion1s map !bsr ac79
Scattered Faith – referenced off of Bananen/Loloppes map !bsr 386f
Future Dominators/Architecture – based off of stream challenge !bsr 19e0
Cheater Booster – referenced off of foxybois map !bsr 8a38
L.D. – referenced off of Bananens/Miitchels map !bsr 98aa

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