A Perfect Circle – Imagine [Chroma 2.5]

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Mapper: Fatalution

My first ever modhcart of sorts. All effects are only Chroma (rankable, hehe). Please enable them 🙂
Best Chroma+ Lighting 2022 winner.

This map serves as my statement regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Fuck the war. #StandWithUkraine #НетВойне

Full spread, as per usual. Do not shy away even if you are a new player, you will find the difficulty suitable for you.

Lightshow preview:

Gameplay preview:

Additional thanks:
Playtesting: @Alice, @Reddek, @Sync, AllieCat, SyndicateVR, vivi
Environment base and ReMapper help: @Swifter
Blender modelling: @Artjoms

Enjoy the map. And enjoy the lights.

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Would love to hear your feedback: Fatalution#3973.

Wanna buy me a coffee? Go and donate to Ukraine instead

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Comments (9)
  1. Brew78 says:

    I’ve been playing this map and enjoying it very much (although I’m not very good yet), but seeing this page here I now realize that the visuals I’m seeing are completely different than what’s in the video above. The clouds are much more cartoony, there’s no flying blocks forming the peace symbol, it’s more like… a heavenly gate up ahead? I’m pretty new to the game, modding, and VR in general (playing on a Quest 2 via Steam). Is this a Chroma thing? Is there an option within the mods menu in BS that I need to enable?

    1. Brew78 says:

      Well.. I thoroughly double checked ModAssist, and it turns out Chroma wasn’t actually installed. I thought it was something else that I DID install, didn’t realize it was all the way toward the bottom under another section. Oops. Amazing visuals now that I get to see them with actual depth!

      1. Fatalution says:

        Glad it all worked out in the end 😀

  2. NonacCharon says:

    The fresh install – mod update worked. Thank you for the help. Awesome map!

    1. Fatalution says:

      Yay! 🙂

  3. NonacCharon says:

    Wouldn’t load am I missing something? Just a spinning loading logo.

    1. Fatalution says:

      Hello. Which headset do you have? PC or standalone? Do you have Chroma installed? Which game version?

      1. NonacCharon says:

        VIVE, Steam, PC, Chroma (2.5.11) installed from Mod Assistant, Version 1.21 according to Mod Assistant

        1. Fatalution says:

          Hello, sorry for the late reply.
          Your problem is not reproducible on my end (actually, I haven’t seen anyone having a problem with this map). Therefore:

          1. Rename your Beat Saber folder in steamapps/common to something like “BS 121”
          2. Verify integrity of Beat Saber in Steam (this will redownload the game anew)
          3. Launch once, go to main menu, close the game
          4. Install the core mods, Chroma and NE only (the Heck and CustomJSONData dependencies will auto install with both of those)
          5. Download the map from “More songs” menu
          6. Check if it works.

          If this will help you, that means your install is somehow borked. For more troubleshooting tips after this point, check your _latest.log in “BS 1.21″/Logs folder (replicate the bug and close the game before doing so). Search for errors before closing the game (the entries are timestamped there).

          To return to your previous install, simply rename the new folder and rename the old folder back to “Beat Saber”

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