Pegboard Nerds – New Style

Difficulties Expert
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Under my nose the whole time...

I feel sad, almost ashamed. I've probably had this track in my list since the beginning and I'd never played it. I can't believe what I've missed!

This song is quite amazing! As you can see with the song ID, it's one of the very first ones that have been created which is never easy when you have almost no frame of reference. Virtualturtle managed to create quite a great map there. The flow is almost perfect, everything almost falls effortlessly under your arms. Super satisfying. I also noted the great use of double hands, never random, always falls in the right place.

My only bad remark comes from the lack of variation, but the song is still very fun to play.

Mapper: VirtualTurtle

673 Notes, No Obstacles, Expert Difficulty
Pegboard Nerds – New Style

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