ob1cb 1.4. Tech

sabi – true DJ MAG top ranker’s song 前編

Difficulties Expert+
10 16

Mapper: ob1cb

This is my hardest Tech challenge map, also the one i spent the most time on, why it may not be for everyone this map is mapped to the fullest i could map it, it features wacky slider tech, tons of backhands, wrist rolls, and scissors, funny vision blocks, and much more

Mapping time: 8h 16m

Playtesters (Thank you)

Approximate Level: 27 – 28

There shouldn’t be any resets, but if there is or if there is any missmaps, please dm me: Ob#1001

Good Luck.

Reupload #1: Fixed JD
Reupload #2: Fixed Double up in a stream and a reset
Reupload #3 Fixed alot of transitions, slightly changed the first and ending slider parts to hopefully flow better, they are not nerfed,

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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