CMP1111 Electronic Indie

Rad Hazard – Playing with Firepower (Read Desc.)

Difficulties Expert+
0 2

Mapper: CMP1111

This level was one of my older levels, therefore it is not one of my good maps. I did go back and changed a few things to make it better, but other than that this is just a 7-month map that I finally posted. It is really fun, but there are a lot of notes, so I would prepare yourself.

I originally made this level on October 14, 2021, but when I found out that there was a slight error with the audio, I gave up completely (cause I was lazy). Months later, I decided to fix it, and now it is posted on April 5, 2022.

And yes, I do remember saying previously that I would expand past expert+, but I’m using the excuse that this is an older map and I want to keep its nostalgia, so *ha*.

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