acloudyskye & N33T – Nothing Else (Modchart)

Difficulties Expert+
1890 12
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Mapper: TzurS11

9 months ago I created my first chroma map. At this time I didn’t think I could make a map that you are about to play
In these 9 months, I learned a lot about walls, notes, environment enhancement, etc… but mostly how to properly polish a map.
I wanted to make something big, something even bigger than SOT(as in scale swifter silly u) and here I am today publishing this map.
This map contains 7 different unique environments that connect together with seamless transitions.
This map is a big step in the journey of modhcarts just like SOT.
I hope more people will see this modhcart as a place they can start and learn Noodle Extensions, You can also check the script of the modhcart on my Github.

Lastly, I wanna thank all the people that helped. even if you are not on this list I appreciate What you’ve done a lot!
@GojiCrafter, @tall_chilis_boi, @Swifter, @Mawntee, Stick, kiwii.


btw HAHA get fucked swifter! I got more environments than in SOT

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