Matduke – Rock The House {323 Likes Celebration}

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Mapper: CMP1111

This is my beat saber celebration for hitting 300 likes. This level is a remaster of my very first level, which was made less than a year ago. I’ve been doing this beat saber mapping stuff since May 11th, and ever since then, I’ve passionately been making more and more levels. I know no one asked, but thank you all for giving my levels a chance.

Standard Ex) I’ve kept the original note design and the lighting.
Standart Ex+) It is a recharting of the original level. It includes: complete lighting and mapping, audio editing, innovated and polished level designs, personal nostalgia.
Lawless Ex) This level is basically a harder version of the standard expert+. I understand that most people won’t like it, but personally, I want a challenge that I will enjoy.
Lawless Ex+) This difficulty will probably be the first level that I can’t beat the first time playing it. Yes, I do acknowledge the 4 parity errors. They are nothing serious, but I did try to fix them. There really wasn’t anything I could do to solve the issue. Yes, I know the jump distance and speed don’t work that well with each other. I’m still learning, and I don’t quite know how to adjust the JD.

*Unimportant TEDTalk*
Around February of 2021, I looked into making my own levels because most people did not have the songs that I wanted on there (and it looked cool). So I decided to look into making my own levels. For 3 months, I looked into many level editor guides for MMA2, note techniques, lighting techniques, and many more. I looked into being a good mapper. Then around early May, I got to work on finding the right editor. I originally tried to use MMA2, but my computer was acting weird, and the only other editor I could easily use was Beatmapper.

When I first used Beatmapper, I did not know any of the shortcuts, simple drag and clicks, copy and pasting, bookmarks, or anything else. For some reason, when it came time for me to begin making a level, I just decided to ignore (almost) every guide that I watched. The only video I can recall using was this video right here

. It basically taught me what not to do.
After 30 minutes of working on the level, I gave up and decided to do it another time. A few days later, I gave up on the lighting, and tried to extend the notes… only to end up making it worse. So I gave up on it and decided to return to it in the distant future. Now we are at the part where I talk about remaking the level for a certain goal that I achieved, but I’m too lazy to type anymore.

First level: 5/11/2021
This level:3/28/2022 – 4/4/2022

What I found funny about this whole thing was that I set a goal for myself to make it to be one of the top 100 mappers, and looking back on it I thought that was a very silly joke. But the more I think about it, the more I feel drawn towards it.

It’s also funny how much work I actually put into this description

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