SEGA – I’m Gonna Make Her Mine

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
270 7
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Mapper: Spinvvy

From the Yakuza 0 OST!

Part of the Yakuza Disco Pack!
Relive the 80s and experience all five disco minigame tunes from SEGA’s action adventure game, Yakuza 0!

Download the Yakuza Disco Pack here!

Difficulty | NPS
Expert+ (Dragon) | 3.33
Expert (Tiger) | 2.55
Hard (Koi) | 1.94

28K+ events!

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Discord: Spinvvy#4643

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  1. Allexio says:

    Ah yes, I remember hearing this in Yakuza thinking that it was incredible how they managed to emulate “Bad” so well.

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